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Jul. 20th, 2010 @ 10:11 pm Blizzard customer service - Not!

I've lately been getting e-mails purportedly from Blizzard regarding my World of Warcraft account, which I closed in September 2009. The e-mails suggest that my account has been hacked - although I strongly suggest they are just a phishing scam, as they wanted me to respond to an address I did not recognize.

To be sure, I contacted Blizzard and asked a simple question: Has my account been accessed since it was closed?

After several days, I got an e-mail saying that I would get an e-mail about my issue. Okay....

So, several days after that, I got a form letter listing eleven different things that people complain about and what one should do in each instance. None of them, of course, addressed my concern. I replied, telling them as much, making it clear that I simply needed to know whether my account has been accessed. How long could it possibly take to make this determination?

Today, Blizzard had the nerve to send a customer-satisfaction survey, seeing as my problem - to their way of thinking - had been solved. As near as I can tell, they sent the form letter without ever reading my e-mail; possibly, it has never been seen by human eyes.

Issues I've had with Blizzard in the past were likewise treated in just such an offhanded manner, and I have heard many other similar stories from others.

How can a company with such a poor track record of dealing with its customers' problems continue to be so successful?
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